New Shop hours:

Mon-Sat 6:00am to 10:00pm     Sundays on demand 

One of the special perks of the many OHCC social clubs is the fellowship we enjoy from our active participation. It is what draws Woodchucks out of their burrows to greet each day. 

As shown in these photos of our recent organizational meeting, it is our passion to speak of sawdust, paint, toys, and projects. And mostly we love to share the experience of creating something with our hands and our little “Chuckian” minds. The Woodchucks are enthusiastically working to bring the Annual Flea Market and the Camp Pendleton Holiday toy drive to OHCC.

    OHCC 2019 Flea Market,   Saturday, September 21.

We give a dusty welcome to all our new and returning members. Most of those that wish to work in the woodshop have completed the requirements that include viewing the safety video and participating in the orientation shop tour.

These annual safety reminders make each of us mindful as we move around our woodworking shop. Some of the members have already started the toy building for our Marine families. We have toy patterns and materials available for those that would like to start helping. If you would like to be on a team to help build, prep and paint toys, let Larry Bowers or Larry See know, and they will organize groups.

Speaking of toy builders, the photo shows two of our premier builders during their safety orientation. Jerry and Carolyn Hollander are studying the SawStop table saw, a high-tech, especially safe table saw. The Woodchucks are lucky to have this top-of-the-line tool! 

Two goals of the Woodchucks are to promote the love of woodworking and to support our neighbors whenever possible. To that end we continue to offer, at no cost, security rods for your sliding windows. Pick up your order form at the HOA.

Remember to measure twice / cut once!

Please help us support the Camp Pendleton YMCA summer day-camp program

Club meetings are held from time to time

(as needed)

at the woodshop.

Creating,  Building 


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