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Shop hours:        Mon-Sat 6:00am to 10:00pm     Sundays on demand 

Welcome to the Woodchuck Website


OHCC residents who pay their annual Woodchuck dues are eligible for membership.

New members and new ideas are always welcome.

Annual dues are $10 per person.

We welcome members who desire woodshop access, which would require Certification.

We also welcome members who are “patrons” of the Woodchucks

and help support the club’s good works. We thank you for your backing.

Have you noticed the many new residents in Ocean Hills Country Club? They are searching for activities that they might enjoy. We are happy that many new folks have shown an  interest in joining the Woodchucks. When you see a new face at the woodshop, please stop  to welcome them. They may become your new best friend! 

The new and long-time residents should know that there are many people that support the  Woodchucks and their goals:  

    ● Woodchucks that make toys in the shop for the holiday drive for Camp Pendleton. ● Woodchucks that work on toys outside the shop … painting, sewing. ● Honorary Woodchucks - Sewing Club makes holiday stockings, blankets for  Woodchuck toy cradles. 

    ● Honorary Woodchucks - Garden Club helps coordinate the Holiday Donation Drive Thru. 


Let us discuss some valued Woodchuck members, who work outside the woodshop:

● Holly Radziwon - paints the colorful flowers on the many wooden cradles.

● Karen Long - makes many fun, creative “people” for the wooden toys.

● Kathy Moskovitz - an expert seamstress, who has crafted amazing train cases.

● Patty Coffey – a tireless collector of cans and plastic bottles for our recycling efforts. 

Come by and see us!

 At The Distribution Site
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